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Generous Man Named Nahshon Nahshonov

Norik is an alias name for Nahshon Nahshonov, and he is a businessperson. However, you do not have to treat him as a businessperson who thinks about how to double the profit in 1st quarter of this year. He is just different from other businesspersons. It is true that Nashhonov been the one with impressive record of accomplishment as businessperson. It is not about his success in the market, but because he uses his access, power, and wealth to assist many charities and nonprofit organizations. At a glance, he is just like generous man. He thinks not only about how to raise the profit, but also how to spread it to help people around the world. He continuously funds an organization called “Belev Echad.”

Norik was born in June 28 1981 in Derbent, USSR. He has a prosperous family. He is the second child and has five siblings. His father, Jacob Nahshonov, was a businessperson as well, from whom he inherited business talents. Norik was Mountain Jews who have been immigrated to Israel on 1994 along with his family. Nahshon Nahshonov studied pre-med at the Medical University IM Piragova, from which he received degree in dentistry. We may call him as the one who have license as dentist. Unfortunately, dental business was not a core of Norik’s business.

We found out interesting to see that Norik is not just a usual businessperson. He did not hesitate to put his money to charity. Sure, what Norik has done is not become news anymore. There are plenty businesspersons who have done the same thing as Norik does. However, the best thing from Norik came out from “Belev Echad,” with which he had assisted more than 3,000 children who are not fortunate enough to enjoy “normal” life. We should praise him a lot, for what he has done for those childrens.

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