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Kw: Tape and Reel Company

ProEx Tape and Reel Company

ProEx has been a trusted name in the electronics world providing different kinds of solutions for various electronic problems such as data storage, device programming, video production and best of all, tape and reel. Depending on your need, they can provide with the most high quality electronic solutions and some even fully customizable.

ProEx has been a reliable tape and reel company ever since it was founded in 1992. They have experienced and fully certified professionals making sure that you have the right kind of solution for all of your electronics needs. Even in the tape and reel industry, they have been one of the most formidable names around.

Quality Tape and Reel

Through the years ProEx has been known to deliver top of the line tapes and reels in the business. And they mean business. ProEx strictly adheres to the standards of the alliance of electronics industries. From original equipment to contract manufacturers, they have been one of the first choices when talking about the highest quality reels and tapes that can be produced.


With any SMD or surface mount devices that you have, you can be sure that ProEx can and will tape and of course reel them. Furthermore, they can house your different tapes and reels depending on your preferences. With over 400 stock carrier tapes you can choose from, there will always be one perfect for you.

They can also provide you with any custom components that you want for your tape and reel such as heat shields, heat tanks, metal stamps, battery clips and batter holders.

Production Environment

To make sure that they produce the best tapes and reels around, ProEx ensures that their workplace protect their products from any kind of damage such as those caused by static electricity and other environmental conditions. When you choose to have ProEx tapes and reels, you can be sure of the quality and durability of your electronic equipment.

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